Kid Bonz

Kid Bonz (pronounced Bone-zz) was a fun, conceptual project I took part in alongside the startup I co-founded, Sequoia Studios. This mobile app was designed to serve as an aid to an orthopediatric office with pre-and-post surgical operations, to aid residents in their studies of various procedures, and to facilitate updated information across a wide variety of topics regarding this field of medicine.

Users of Kid Bonz would begin by selecting a part of the body they wished to delve further into, for either procedural information or diagnostic purposes. The ability to search by name or alphabet ordering was also possible. Users would then be able to browse a certain fracture or bone break, and then see progressions through the operation via the app. Users would also be able to favorite the more-common of fractures, and of course be able to find their recently-viewed items as well.

The design of Kid Bonz presented in and of itself a degree of difficulty in terms of how something so fundamental yet incredibly detailed could be presented in such a manner that was overtly functional, yet also appealing to use. This challenge was dealt with by a minimalistic design, one that incorporated brighter colors and simple layouts, as opposed to myriad information options that would no doubt cloud users in their attempt to find complex information and procedural information on the fly.

By remaining consistent and efficient in the overall layout, the objective of Kid Bonz was able to to be accomplished in a satisfactory manner to the practice’s goals. While the app itself did not pass through the eventual final bid process due to budget concerns, the initial proposal and design were warmly met with approval. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. To quote Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”